A multidisciplinary approach that emphasizes the simultaneous development of strength, mobility, and coordination.

The key to achieving lasting results is to learn proper movement patterns.

I work with clients in a private setting, either individually or in pairs, without the use of machines or shoes.


A comprehensive set of exercises focused on enhancing muscle strength, size, and overall physical performance. It encompasses exercises such as ring work, barbell and dumbbell lifts, and isolation exercises targeting specific muscle groups. It is an essential aspect of training for athletes and anyone seeking to improve their fitness level.


Mobility training aims to improve the body's ability to move through a full spectrum of movements, promoting muscle flexibility and elasticity. It is integrated into strength training through exercises that focus on active mobility and with added resistance, to develop a body that can express flexibility dynamically.


Through the execution of movement and flow exercises from various disciplines, from martial arts to dance, one improves the body's ability to move in a fluid, integrated and creative way. Coordination training integrates mind and body, allowing for free and unrestricted movement. Practicing with a dynamic rhythm is a key for cardiovascular conditioning.


My name is Giancarlo Pugliese, born in 1980. I have been training since I was 6 years old and have been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Starting with martial arts and exploring various disciplines over the years, I have now arrived at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My work primarily focuses on strength training for the improvement of mobility.

My main focus with my students is to teach them skills that are typically associated only with childhood, showing them that these can be safely and efficiently acquired. This includes flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance, and advanced athletic movements.

By improving the efficiency of our movements, we can eliminate pain, rigidity, and limitations in our body, increasing our athletic abilities and performance. It is important to understand the impact that stiffness, chronic pain, and sports injuries can have on our daily lives and not to accept them as a normal condition.

Enhancing mobility means improving athletic performance and overall quality of life. Mobility training is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability.


My studio in Milan is available for in-person sessions by appointment only. Online coaching can be arranged, but I strongly recommend in-person meetings, especially during the early stages of our work together. For further information, please contact me directly via email at

Via Giovanni Battista  Piranesi 4,

20137 Milano